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  1. I’m in the AC most of the time, however, if I have to venture out, I try to put on light clothing to try to avoid being overheated. I do need to drink more H2O. Cute outfit, you are one brave girl for wearing those really high But hey, major kudos!

  2. I stay cool in the warm weather by staying home 😡 I agree with you about the weather in Houston and the whole getting around thing :/ loooove the look!

  3. That is the one thing about being in a city that I don’t enjoy. Public transportation. I would rather take myself around like I am used too. When I lived in New York it would take forever to get anywhere but if you drove yourself it would take even longer and people are such aggressive drivers there. But I loving your style… and those heels.

  4. I feel you on the jeans with stretch. If there is not stretch I run in the opposite direction lol. The shoes…. Oh and that bomber jacket (super cute)!! Great styling!

  5. I agree with you! I hate having to drive EVERY single place just because there are no other budget friend options. Uber’s get to be expensive, and sometimes I don’t mind a little bit of a longer ride to think during my commute. Better than me flicking someone off in a bout of road rage! And this weather definitely has to go! I love your all black with pop of white AND red! ha!

  6. Super cute look! I especially love the heels, those are killer! You had some great tips as well. I hate the crazy Houston heat too but there are definitely ways to make it more tolerable!

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