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  1. I have to agree with Whitney on the ‘Golden Rule.’ I know I’m sometimes guilty of not following it, but I need to do better. Love your outfit, especially how the solid DVF handbag and awesome shoes (again) really pop against your blue/white top.

  2. I love that top on you! I agree that it has been a very tough and sad week for America. I only hope that we can over come this and that love will win. It is going to take some time though.

  3. That is a really deep and pretty color blue. I love the shoes. The shoes are giving me life. Now, I’m a big bag girl… smaller bags on me tend to lose their appeal. However the bag, shirt and shoe combination are indeed fierce! Great look!

  4. It was a VERY rough week. I was very much in my feelings. One of my favorite verses from the bible says Love, because if you always love you can’t be in the wrong. I wish everyone could do this!!

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