Zaful: Floral & Metallic Look

Spring is upon us and I am well on my way updating my wardrobe with more color and pattern. Well, sorta.  I can’t seem to drift away from denim jackets and lets not forget cool sweaters such a this one from Zaful. I have a thing for daisies. In fact, a daisy was the the very first tattoo I ever got. When I saw the cool detailing of them on this sweater, I grabbed it without thinking twice. As I continued to scroll through the Zaful website, I noticed the matching jacket. Though I need another denim jacket like I need a hole in my head, the impulse buyer in me couldn’t let it go.

Metallics always find a way to stay every season. Honestly, I thought I would be tired of the color and pleated skirts but here I am with another one. I really love how pleated skirts flow when you walk in them. They are super comfy and can be dressed up or down. You can pair them with heels or even sneakers for a cool fun look. My booties were a gift from a friend and I think they are so fun. The fuzzy green material reminds me of grass (LOL). I am in the process of moving which is not fun at all. The bright side is I am able to rumble though my closet and do some much needed spring cleaning.

Enjoy you day!


Outfit Deets: Sweater (here), Jacket (here) Skirt (alternative), Booties (here) 

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  1. Nicole says:

    Those fuzzy green booties are everything! I love how you style this metalluc pleated skirt too–I never know what to pair mine with. Good luck on your move–hope all goes well!

  2. Colleen says:

    Now those are some shoes!!! If only they felt as soft on the inside as they look on the outside!

  3. Whew! Good luck with the move. I moved in January and am STILL trying to unpack/declutter :/ LOVE this outfit! I didn’t even think about grass when I saw the shoes-too funny, but right in theme with those daisies 😉

  4. Alba Garza says:

    I like how you put the outfit together. The daisy are so cute and perfect for Spring. Good luck on the move and packing.

  5. Tameka Wells says:

    The entire outfit is dope!!! Those shoes!!! I have to have!

  6. Kierra says:

    You are totally working it girl. I am loving those green shoes with the metallic skirt. So chic and so cute.

  7. Shasie says:

    Ok, those shoes are freaking awesome! I’ve finally just finished cleaning out all of my winter clothes to put back up my spring and summer clothes. I wish I had a closet big enough to hold all of my clothes without changing from Season to Season…lol I need an entire 2nd room for that! And I’m with you; I wear metallics all year round!

  8. Ashley J. says:

    Killer shoes once again. That’s how you embrace that Pantone greenery!

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