Why Strips Are Perfect For Curvy Girls

Lets talk about strips. I absolutely love wearing them but strips can be very tricky for curvy girls. I own many pieces that are stripped but I try to be mindful as to what I think is flattering on my body and what makes me look downright hideous . Over the years I have learned that smaller, vertical strips elongate curvy girls while bigger, horizontal strips tend do the complete opposite. Of course their are exceptions to every rule but from experience as well as trial and error smaller strips work best for me. No matter what, I will always be a sucker for anything with strips.

The weather here in Houston has been very unpredictable, which should explain why I am wearing long sleeves and boots in the middle of Spring. In my defense, this dress is actually very thin so thankfully I am not suffocating.  Aside from the strips, what drew me most to this dress were the ruffle details on the sleeves and the zipper in the front. I do not like my dresses to be clingy so I usually go up a size when purchasing dresses that are jersey material. This dress was actually very giving so I purchased it in a large, which is my actual dress size.

I am totally a dramatic earring girl so when I saw these oversized tasseled earrings at Aldo, I knew I had to have them. I call my clutch the “it bag of Instagram”. It is very popular on social media and I can totally see why. It is very cute and I got it at a great price considering their are some that are in the hundreds of dollars. If you like this look, outfit deets are below. Because I took a while to post this outfit, inventory might be a little low. Till next post, ttyl.


Stripped Dress (Here), Boots (Old), Tassled Earrings SOLD OUT (Try These), Bamboo Clutch (Here)

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