Trend Report: Gingham do you love it?

Never thought I would see the day that gingham became a trend, but it is. Hate it or love it, I think it is here to stay for a bit. I have seen gingham in an array of colors, red, black, yellow, pink and those are only a few colors. Lets be honest, the print such as what I am wearing has come a long way from the picnic table cloths I would see in old movies. (I didn’t picnic till I was an adult ). This top I love most because of the sleeves. I am a sucker for exaggerated sleeves. I love the fit even though the blouse is a tad bit short.

Because I am the queen of doing the most, I was super excited to find matching gingham print heels. I paired this top with some distress mom jeans I got from Target. I have mixed reviews about Target jeans. They always have great design and they have stretch for us curvy girls. My biggest concern is the crotch area can big a little long.  Also, and of the jeans can make your but look really flat which might be an issue for ladies who don’t have much to begin with like myself.

Funny story about the first picture, I was snapping photos in this look when they guy passed by in this cute little car. The color of the car went perfect with my top so I asked him to jump in. He said yes and the rest is history . Thanks cute guy, whereever you are!


Gingham Top (Here), Jeans (Here), Heels (Here), Bag (Here) 

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