Shabby Apple 2

       I love Shabby Apple simply because of what the company represents. Founded in 2006 Shabby Apple is all about empowering women. The company is over 90% women-owed and operated. They connect with other women around the world by partnering with organizations that give women mirco-credit loans and clean, safe living environments. For those few reasons alone I am totally obsessed with the company, not to mention their amazing pieces. Lace is so feminine so that is part of the reason I love this little black dress. The

Flower Power

It could be very tricky to pull off patterns and prints when you are a curvy girl like myself, however that sure does not detour me from wearing them. I love playing with different patterns and colors, especially in the summer months. I have tried my best to stray away from my go to colors, solid black or solid white so when I found this dress, I truly feel in love with it. The silhouette is very sleek and clean, however the flowers gives me the fun flirty look I wanted.

Looking Back, June

Hey Guys, I took a few weeks off from blogging to get some things in order and to get a little inspiration. Sometimes it is a little stressful coming up with great content for you all to read. I also battle with the thought ” Is anyone actually interested in what I am saying”. After taking a break, I have decided to not think too much on content but to focus more on what brought me to blogging in the first place and that is fashion. My blog will primarily focus on fashion, what I am

Orange is the New Black, the Netflix series, is what came to mind when I purchased this dress. It is my favorite series on Netflix and probably the only reason I pay the monthly fee. I love the way orange looks on my skin tone but I have no desire to wear and orange jumpsuit and locked up behind bars . Maybe I will consider, if the jumpsuit is designer and I am in a gated beach front resort. As a curvy girl with larger  breast, it is very tricky to pull off a dress that


I really do not know who to blame for my neutral  hue obsession as of late . Rihanna? Kim Kardashian? Simple, less complicated looks are all the rage the past few seasons and I do not see it going away any time soon. I decided to wear something light weight and comfy, to tackle the warm weather here in Texas. I love blush tones so I decided to wear it from head to toe. The skirt had me wanting to twirl every chance I got and the tassels on my shoes had me wanting to

Obsessed with White Vest

  As I have gotten older, I have begin to spend money on what I consider are investment pieces rather than trendy items. The reason being is that often times I would purchase something “trendy” and only get to wear it once. Trends come and go and I want to get as many wears possible from the items I purchase.  Rather it is statement bag or a neutral heel, I now ask myself two simple question when I shop. “Would I wear this a year from now”? or “Is it worth

Shabby Apple

It is officially Spring and I could not be more excited. It is now time to pull out those sandals and dresses . Though I love Spring weather and bright colors, I must admit I tend to wear dark colors all year round. In my opinion dark colors look better on me but I will do my best to add more color in my wardrobe. I have been told bright colors make you look and feel happier. I am naturally a happy person with bright colors or in all black. Every Sunday

Tomboy Chic

  I am a tomboy at heart but I absolutely love wearing heels, so much so that I pretty much wear them with everything. A friend and I went to the park to eat crawfish this weekend and I noticed a few teens playing basketball. Of course I had to join them and snap a few pictures in the process. One thing I learned, or maybe I already knew is that I really suck at basketball.   Outfit Deets: Top & Pants (here), Heels ( seen here)


I think it is safe to say that this black hat is my absolute favorite accessory. I wear is all the time and trust me you will see it this Spring and Summer, with much less clothing of course. I am not the person who doesn’t believe in wearing something more than once. If I bought it and love it, I will wear it !! What about you? What has been your go to item this Fall?   Outfit deets: hat (shown here), boots (here), pants (here), shirt ( alternative here),

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