My Top 10 Favorite Fall Trends

Fall is finally!!!!! Though I live in Houston, Texas and we do not have much of a winter I try my best to dress the part. Even if I am burning up HOT. I love Fall weather because you get to layer, put on cozy sweater and sexy boots. I am always excited each year to see what new trends designers have to offer. Here are my Top 10 favorite trends of this Fall 2014….

1.Matching Tops and Bottoms

This was a huge trend to me this past summer and I am excited it has been brought into the Fall. I love this trend because you can wear as a set or as individual pieces.


2. Leopard

I don’t know why this is considered a trend because I love my leopard and wear it all year round. Leopard is the new black, to me anyway!

0133. Tall Crown Hats

Pharrell  introduced us to them and now it seems others are catching on. This is the one trend I am a little hesitant to try but the celebs below definitely pulled it off.



4. Statement Bags

A cool way to express yourself without actually speaking . I am with it!


5. Robe Coats

This trend makes me think of that one person you see in Target with their bath Robe on, now that can look a little chic while shopping for toiletries.


6. Plaid

Plaid is a trend that comes and goes but I am happy it is back this season.


7. Dresses Over Pants

Call me crazy but their is something I like about it.



8. Sneakers

Finally I can give my feet the relief they need.


9. Wrap Coats

I love the wrap coat because it gives me the tiny waist I wish I really had.


10. Bright Reds and Pinks

Makes me think of Valentines Day and who doesn’t love that?

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