Collaboration vs Competition

Let me be the first to say blogging is not an easy thing. It has so many perks but you have to put in a lot of time and have a lot of patients to be successful in it. One thing I have learned early on is that you can not do it all by yourself. Everyone needs a support system or someone to just bounce ideas off of. Through my blogging journey I have been fortunate enough to meet some amazing bloggers along the way. These four ladies are a few of my favorites. We are so different yet we all have a strong passion for fashion. I advise anyone that has a vision or passion for just about anything to collaborate every once in a while. You can get so much more done and reach so many more people. The New Year is all about taking my brand to the next level. If you like any of our looks you can shop them below.

Outfit Deets: Aroundthewaygyrl : Dress ( Similar Here), MissBeesBlog : Jacket (Here), Jumpsuit: (Here)

QueenofSleeves Dress: Similar (Here) 

ChigisWorld :Dress (Here)    TheFashionTurners Pants: (Similar Here) Jacket (Here)  

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