Cold Shoulder: Why Showing a Little Skin is Always In

Growing up I was always taught to be modest, leave a little for the imagination. To be honest, growing up I envied the girls that had on the mini skirts and cropped tops. They would always get the attention and at the time I though it was the sort of attention that I wanted.  I was aways more curvy than the average girl my age. I had breast by third grade and thick thighs by the time I hit high school. I was a tomboy at the time so baggy jeans and oversized shirts were what I preferred but my mom wasn’t having it so she made sure I dressed very girly which I now  can appreciate.


As I grew older I realized I could get just as much attention as the “fast” girls by simply dressing well. When I wanted to bump it up a notch I would show a little skin, but not too much. I would wear shorter shorts and skirts but my favorite was and still are, shirts that show off your shoulders. I truly believe that shoulders are one of the sexist parts of the body. For one, unlike legs, you don’t have to shave your shoulders, they are usually covered most of the time which allows them to have little to no scaring and they give a little mystery. For those reasons, I love wearing off the shoulder tops and dresses.

As you can see, I have quite a few off the shoulder pieces in my previous posts. I love the cropped ones for those warm and sunny days. The dresses are great when you want to be conservative but a little sexy. Off the shoulder tops and dresses are great for every season to me. Whether they are worn with jeans, skirts or as a dress they are defiantly perfect for any occasion. So which look is your favorite ? Let me know below. Until next post ….ttyl


Floral crop top (Here) , White cropped top (Here), Yellow Dress (Sold Out), Peach Dress (Here)


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