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Flower Power

It could be very tricky to pull off patterns and prints when you are a curvy girl like myself, however that sure does not detour me from wearing them. I

Earth Tones

So the summer is in full effect and the Houston sun is not showing any mercy. I have a love hate relationship with summer weather. On one hand, I love

Looking Back, June

Hey Guys, I took a few weeks off from blogging to get some things in order and to get a little inspiration. Sometimes it is a little stressful coming up

Orange Is The New Black…..

Orange is the New Black, the Netflix series, is what came to mind when I purchased this dress. It is my favorite series on Netflix and probably the only reason


I really do not know who to blame for my neutral  hue obsession as of late . Rihanna? Kim Kardashian? Simple, less complicated looks are all the rage the past few seasons and

Obsessed with White Vest

  As I have gotten older, I have begin to spend money on what I consider are investment pieces rather than trendy items. The reason being is that often times

Shabby Apple

It is officially Spring and I could not be more excited. It is now time to pull out those sandals and dresses . Though I love Spring weather and bright colors,

Tomboy Chic

  I am a tomboy at heart but I absolutely love wearing heels, so much so that I pretty much wear them with everything. A friend and I went to the park

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