Black Out…


155303312124 I was such a tomboy as a kid. I remember running around with the boys, getting dirty and my mom would be so upset. I was introduced to heels in high school and I quickly turned my sneakers in for pumps. Though I wear sneakers from time to time, nothing can take the place of a high heeled shoe to me. When I wear  men inspired looks, and want to make them a little sexy I put on a nice heel to give it a more feminine feel. My friends would tell you that I love black and white. I am trying my best to add more color to my wardrobe but I can not get away from blacks and whites. I had a meeting  with a photographer friend of mine and  wanted to wear something cute yet comfy. I put on my favorite liquid jeans from Zara, sandal are from Zara as well , a sweatshirt I simply love that I got on for $15.00 and my faux leather cap  from KarmaCouture Boutique. The meeting went well but I hope Fall weather finds its way to Houston really soon.

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