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A watch is such a personal statement piece. My mother used to always say, you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at their watch. I don’t really know if that is 100% true but I defiantly pay attention to them. The brand, is it sized, is it sporty, flashy or loose and dull? I had a part time job in the jelwery department of a retail store and I used to love sizing the watches. The more complicated the better, which brings me to the lovely timepiece in the picture. It is by Jord watches and it’s made of wood. It is very light weight and the color I choose makes my melanin pop. What I like most about the watch is that the face is very classic and detail but the wood band allows me to dress it up or down.


Jord watches come in an array of shapes and colors. They also have male and female timepieces. I’ve parterned with the owners of Jord watches for a cool giveaway. Check the giveaway section in my blog for details. What’s even more cool, everyone who participates is a winner so please check it out. Now for my lovely outfit details.

If you follow my blog then you should already know how obsessed I am with the off the shoulder trend. I really hate calling it a trend because people have been wearing off the shoulder tops and dresses for a while but it has really come full circle this season. I love off the shoulder tops because they exude  sexiness without being overly sexy.  This top is very light weight and the sleeves and slit in the middle gives a fun little twist to the popular trend. The best part is, this top is now on sale to make sure you click the link below before it is gone.

My skirt is yet another piece from the Who What Wear collection. I now have at least 10 pieces for the brand which is available exclusively at Target. You can never go wrong with a pencil skirt. They can be worn with heels, sneakers or sandals which is awesome. As I have stated in previous post, the Who What Wear collection is very affordable so make sure you check it out if you haven’t.

For my  accessories,I kept it very simple with a clutch from Zara and my heels are Schutz from a few seasons ago. My earrings are from Bebe and I got them on sale a year ago. They are gorgeous but very heavy so I don’t wear them much. Summer is officially here and it is super hot in Houston but I must admit, the sun really puts me in a good mood. Stay cool folks!



Outfit Deets:

Top (here)

Skirt (here)

Watch (here)

Clutch ( similar here)

Earrings (alternative here)

Shoes (alternative here)

Hey Guys, I’ve partnered with JORD watches for your chance to win a $75 voucher towards your very own JORD watch. The cool thing is, you will receive a $25 voucher just for entering. CLICK LINK HERE FOR ENTRY FORM !!!! All vouchers will be sent by July 11th 2016










I have a love hate relationship with denim. I have a favorite denim jacket, denim jeans and even denim handbag. On the flip side, I hate denim jeans without any stretch (blame my thighs), and denim short shorts (blame thighs again) because in my opinion, they are not that flattering on me. What a do love, is waking up and throwing on a comfy dress like the one pictured. I won’t lie, I was a bit hesitant to wear it because of the length but hey, with the warm weather we experience here in Houston, if I could, I would walk around naked (jk).

The popular blog site, now Target latest collaborative partners, Who What Wear, has gotten a lot of my money since its release date a few months ago. The brand updates monthly and they have such functional and practical pieces like the dress I am wearing. I have posted quite a few of their pieces (here) and (here). However, just when I think I am done, they drop another cute, affordable garment. I kept my outfit very simple by adding a denim pair of sandals I bought separately, but they matched almost perfectly. For my accessories, I wore two necklaces because one just wasn’t enough.

Last but not least, my new rainbow clutch that I am absolutely enjoying. Every time I look at it I get this bittersweet feeling. The colors make me think of the individuals that lost their lives in Orlando last week. While I am not gay, I truly believe that everyone has a right to love whoever they choose to love and no one should ever lose their lives behind it .

Hope you guys have an amazing week.

<3 Aroundthewaygyrl

Outfit Deets:

Dress (here) 

Necklace (alternative here)

Shoes ( here)

Bag (similar here)


The saying “less is more” can go a long way when you don’t have time to put a lot of thought into an outfit.  Simple outfits are very classic and if you select the right pieces, you can mix and match them to come up with multiple looks. For example, the sleeveless grey trench in the picture can also be worn with slacks or a cute dress. My rule of thumb when purchasing items is, if I cant wear it twice a month, I won’t buy it. Of course, I don’t wear all of my items twice a month but I make sure I get more than one use out of them. With trendy items on the other hand, once you’re photographed in them, it pretty much a done deal.

One trend I hope stays around for a while is the chocker trend. I simply love them and I’ve loaded up on quite a few so get ready to see them a lot. They are a nice addition to simple outfits like the one pictured or you can get a more dramatic one to add even more sass to a look. To complete my outfit I kept it simple and put on a pair of distressed jeans, a camisole and a pair of heels to dress it up a bit. Slowly I am getting into the summer season by wearing less clothing….Slowly.

What is one item in your closet that is currently on heavy rotation ?


Outfit Deets:

Sleeveless Trench Vest (here)

Jeans ( similar here)

Sandals (here)

Handbag (here)

Camisole (here)









Has there ever been a time you put on a garment and thought to yourself ” I look so pretty today”. That is how I felt when wore this floral print dress. My wardrobe does not really consist of very “girly” pieces but I loved the flow and structure of this dress so I decided to purchase it. The cut of it is very nice for any body type in my opinion, however if you are a short person, it might swallow you because it is pretty long. Because the dress is so busy, I decided to keep my accessories at a minimum . I added my new DVF clutch I scored from TJMaxx for a steal and a simple strapped sandal to finish it off.

I took these pictures in Downtown Houston but as I walked down its busy streets, I couldn’t help but to imagine myself as Carry Bradshaw (the black version LOL)  from Sex and the City going to meet my Mr. Big.

Whats one piece in your closet that makes you feel pretty?


Outfit Deets:

Dress (here)

Clutch (here)

Shoes (diffrent color here)