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There are only two things I totally hate about Houston, Texas. The first thing is the weather which I should be used to by now and the second one is the traffic. Unlike many cities up North, getting around Houston without a car can be very challenging. We recently extended our Metro line to accomadate indivuduals who do not have a car or those that simply prefer using public transportation. Though I own a vehicle, I enjoy not having to drive from time to time. Not only does it saves me money on gas but it also saves time when I am traveling to places with limited parking such as Downtown Houston and our Medical Center area.

I traveled to the Museum District via Metro, to take in the beautiful artwork and of course I had to snap of few pictures. As I have mentioned in previous post, I do not wear jeans that doesn’t have stretch in them. My thighs simply will not allow it. These jeans are one of my favorites because not only do they have stretch but they are also highwaist, which are great for those wanting to camouflage their trouble midsection like myself. I often wear heels because they elongate my legs and makes a casual look like this one a little more sexier. Bomber jackets are all the rage this season, I enjoy wearing them because they are very light weight. You can wear them with jeans, jogger, skirts or whatever you feel comfortable wearing them with. I wore mine with a light weight tank top which allowed me to have some coolness in this warm weather.

The key to looking cool in warmer weather is to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. Pack a lot snacks just in case you get hungry. If you are wearing layers, be sure that you are comfortable with what you are wearing underneath, just in case the layers come off. Bring flats, in the event that your feet are tired in high heels, you can change them out with a cute pair of flats. Finally, bring a large tote or handbag, that way you can put all of the items I mentioned in the bag and still remain chic.


How do you stay cool in warm weather?


Outfit Deets:

Bomber Jacket (similar here)

Jeans (here)

Hangbag (similar here)

Heels (seen here)



You would think the fact that it is 100 degrees here in Houston, Texas, I would be totally over wearing jackets, well I am not ! Like I always tell my friends, pictures do not have seasons. I wear jackets all year round so when I saw this one, and the beautiful baby blue color, I had to grab it.  I purchased two additional colors as well. Not only does a jacket add flare to an outfit, but it is also great for those who are not in love with their arms.

Ankle length pants are a great way to elongate your legs. Especially if you are vertically challenged like myself. They are also awesome when you are wanting to show off your shoe game. I mean, what is the point of buying a great shoe like the baddies in the picture if you can’t show them off. I got them a while ago and they still are one of my favorites. I finished off this look by adding my stripped cross body bag I wore here. I kept my accessories to a minimum as I strolled through the Houston’s Museum District.

What do you think of this look?

Outfit Deets:

Jacket (here)

Top (here)

Pants (here)

Shoes (SOLD OUT)  ( alternative color here)

HandBag (seen here) 


Ever had a day you just were not in the mood to put much thought into your outfit, but it worked? That is exactly what happened with me and this ensemble. Being a curvy girl, with Serena Williams thighs, LOL it can be very challenging to find a good pair of jeans. If they do not have stretch, I simply do not bother. I have finally got into the groove of dressing my body type when it comes to finding jeans and spandex is key. Otherwise, I am forced to purchase jeans two sizes too big and who wants to do that?  Also, I want my jeans to fit, not be too big or too small. I actually over estimated my size in the jeans pictured so they are a tad bit too big in the waist.  I am giving them away, as I usually do to a LOT of my items so it really doesn’t matter at this point.

I am totally obsessed with bodysuits, you can dress them up or down and you do not have to worry and tucking them in all day. My only issue is when I can to go to the bathroom. I hate having to awkwardly squat over the toilet while I attempt to snap the bottoms back together. I love the one pictured because it is nude, which means I can pair it with a lot of things and I also like that the ruffled flap.

If it is a jacket, a  vest or a combination of the two, chances are I will purchase it. It really does not matter to me the season. Houston weather is so unpredictable so I shop for what I like, not based on the weather. I love this light weight denim, sleeveless jacket because it gives the added pop I was going for with this outfit. Simple is key when it come to me which is why I love simple strapped shoes. I got the ones pictured for a steal so I bought them in several colors.

Last but definitely not least, this adorable bag. The  main reason I did not have to put a lot of effort in my outfit was because of the bag. It is the statement piece for this look so I did not want to overdue it. This bag is so versatile, I plan to pair it with my denim outfits and everything else I can think of. I really couldn’t care less of the name “brand,” I buy what I like, however, Michael Kors always gets it right when it comes to handbags in my opinion.


What do you think of this look?


Outfit Deets

Sleeveless Jacket (here)

Bodysuit (similar here)

Jeans (here)

Handbag (alternative here)

Heels (here) 

Watch & Accessories (old)




The color white is so refreshing. It makes me feel so fresh and clean. I love off the shoulder tops and they are very popular this season. They give a sense of sexiness without over doing it. The slits at the bottom of this top really sealed the deal for me .We are in the middle of Spring, so I am trying my best to stay away from wearing my go to color, black !! I paired this outfit with my new, favorite clear sandals. With the excessive amount of rain we have born getting here in Houston, I really appreciate days I can go outside and let my hair down.

Outfit Deets:

Top (Here)

Pants (Here)

Sandals ( Alternative Here)

Clutch (Similar Here)


Gingham is a fun trend that comes and goes from time to time. I decided to hop on the trend bandwagon and give it a spin. These pieces are actually a top and bottom I purchased at different times. I put them together to create this ensemble. I love that scarves and chokers are having a moment right now. I threw on a skinny black scarf to give this look some pizzazz . Kate Spade is known for her cool, sometimes corky ,bags and clutches . The one pictured is one of my all time favorites. I added a classic pump to complete this look. I cannot get enough of this color wall here in Houston, TX so get ready to see it a lot.

What do you think of this look?

Outfit Deets

Top (Here)

Ankle Pants (Here)

Handbag (similar here)

Pumps ( seen here)