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08090122102011With the weather changing so rapidly here in Houston I am attempting to get the most out of my winter wardrobe before Spring. I went for a casual look and added a pop of color with my shoes and jacket. It has been pretty gloomy here so I am actually looking forward to a bit of warmer weather .

Outfit Deets: Jeans (here) , Shirt (similar here), Pumps (here) , Jacket (similar here)

We all have that moment when we look in our closets and say to ourselves ” I have nothing to wear”. I’ve learned early on to build a solid wardrobe foundation that allows me to put together looks for any occasion without having to purchase something new every time I feel I have nothing to wear. Here are 10 wardrobe essential I believe every girl should have in their closets. By incorporating these key pieces you should be able to build looks you  can wear for business or pleasure.


  • Leather Jacket– allows you to put an edgy twist to any garment.


  •  Black Pumps– Whether it is a job interview or a night out on the town, a black pump is a classic way to bring any look to life.
  • shoes
  • Little Black Dress– There is something about a black dress that makes you feel sexy. Black is slimming, black is bold and that is way every girl should have a LBD.


  • Denim Jeans – Finding the right pair of jeans is as hard as finding the right bra but when you do they can make you look and feel great.


  • Open toe sandals– sometimes closed toe shoes can be a little smothering. Open toe sandals are so fun and a nice way to show off your fresh pedicure.


  • White Shirt – a white button up or t-shirt can be worn alone, with a jacket or add a statement necklace to make your look pop.


  • Casual Sneakers – great for those days you want to look cute while running errands or even on date night.


  • Black Blazer–  Dress it up or down a black blazer can dress up any casual look.


  • Nude Pump-For those times you can not find the perfect shoe for your bold color outfit, a nude pump will always seal the deal.


  • Flats– are a great alternative to heels. Oxfords, loafers or ballet flats are a great way to spice up your look.


08050101702Who says you can wear white in the winter? Not me. I love wearing white, it makes me feel so fresh and clean. I am trying my best to get the most out of my winter wardrobe before the weather is warmer. I actually really enjoy cold weather, although we do not get much of a winter here in Houston.


Outfit deets: Calvin Klein boots (old), Jeans Target (seen here), Bag Kate Spade (seen here) , Vest (similar here)

Lets face it, many of us will probably never  make it to our favorite designers show during New York Fashion Week. For years, I would lust over the pictures I saw on the internet dreaming of one day being front row. Until that day comes, I decided to head to New York anyway and make the most of NYFW. As fashion week comes to a close, I’ve decided to list some ways to make your fashion week experience amazing. This is my second time traveling to New York for fashion week and it gets better and better each visit.

  • Volunteer – This is a great way to get up close a personal with your favorite designers and to see what happens behind the scene.


  • Attend Couture Fashion Week– There are some amazing designers and shows during Couture Fashion Week and they always run simultaneously with NYFW.


  •  Attend a store events– Fendi had an event for their flagship store that was open to the public with guest such as Rihanna and Naomi Campbell in attendance.


  • Hang out at Lincoln Center-  Unfortunately, after 8 years the events most significant sponsor , Mercedes Benz, will no longer be affiliated with the event after legal issues in 2014.


  • Dress the part- There are many photographers ready and willing to snap your picture for blogs, newspapers and even magazines. If you dress the part maybe you will get lucky and be featured.


  • Attend Fashion events– With so many people in New York for Fashion Week, it is pretty easy to find a great fashion event.


09901000047005501100I have been looking for a pair of black distressed jeans for a very long time. Because I am a curvy girl it is a challenge to find ones that fit well. If it does not have any stretch to them I don’t even bother trying them on. After not having any luck I decided to make them myself. I took an old pair of jeans, cut them at the knee, washed them, and put them in the dryer to get the look I was going for. I love how they came out so I am going to do a few more!!

Outfit Deets: Hat (similar here), Jacket  (here), Pumps (here), Bag Kate Spade (old), Glasses Prada (old)


2650I am such a tomboy at heart. As a teen, I remember being teased for wearing pumps with my jogging suits. It is quit funny to see it be such a fashion trend now. I love to mix what is usually concerned menswear or sporty items with feminine pieces such as high heels or form fitted tops. This year I do plan to incorporate more feminine items to my wardrobe. Fingers crossed I don’t add a leather jacket to it !!

Outfits deets: Cap (seen here), Joggers (similar here), Pumps (seen here), Jacket old (alternative here)